Source and Use of Information
Merkle provides the framework for organizations to apply database marketing strategies to their marketing programs across mass, direct and digital media. Using a variety of quantitative, information-based solutions, Merkle works with clients to plan, design, execute and measure fully integrated customer relationship marketing (CRM) solutions that allow our clients to market products and services more effectively.

Information is at the core of Merkle’s business. Merkle obtains marketing information (including information about consumers and businesses) from and through our clients. Merkle also acquires marketing information from third parties to be used by our clients. Many of our client solutions involve various uses of information, including the storage, exchange, transfer, management, analysis and/or reporting of such information. Merkle does not collect data directly from consumers except for information collected as part of our clients’ marketing programs,

Privacy Philosophy
Merkle is committed to ensuring that the information provided by clients and third parties is secure while in our care and will be used responsibly. Like our clients, we recognize that the privacy of consumers is paramount in our business, so we continuously seek ways to protect and ensure appropriate use of information related to consumers while promoting policies within the industry that do the same.

Our philosophy around consumer privacy and information security is derived in part from a core objective – earn and maintain our clients’ trust to use information in a way that benefits both businesses and individuals, while protecting the privacy of consumers. Our objective is premised on the beliefs that:

  • The use of marketing information is beneficial to consumers and ultimately provides more effective marketing communications, products and services to consumers.
  • Marketing information and data should only be used to benefit consumers and their ability to form mutually beneficial relationships with marketers (i.e., our clients).
  • Consumers should be provided with notice, choice and education about the use of personal information, and consumer preferences and requests should be honored as they relate to marketing data and information.
  • The enforcement of opt-in and opt-out processes is essential to meet consumer preference and choice.

Opting Out of Direct Mail and Telemarketing
Responsible marketing companies respect your choice to not receive direct mail advertising. DMA members, as a condition of membership, are required to suppress the names and addresses of individuals who have notified the DMA that they do not want to receive advertising by mail.

Responsible marketing companies respect your choice to not receive telemarketing calls. DMA members, as a condition of membership, are required to suppress the phone numbers of individuals who have notified the DMA that they do not want to receive telemarketing calls.

Information Management
Merkle provides information management and marketing services designed to help companies improve their marketing strategies and programs. These services may involve third parties and may utilize cookies, web beacons, or other tracking or retargeting mechanisms. When we provide these services to our clients, we process information according to the terms and conditions of the contract with our clients. Accordingly, Merkle relies upon the instructions of its clients with respect to the use of marketing information and ultimately our clients advise us as to a consumer's preferences or opt-in/opt-out choices.

Information Products
Merkle hosts and maintains various third-party data on behalf of our clients. When Merkle provides data products to our clients we adhere to the terms and conditions defined by third party suppliers of such data.

Information Security
Merkle has implemented reasonable, industry-standard security policies, standards and practices designed to protect information from internal and external threats. The degree of protection for each piece of information is based on the risk and consequences associated with having that information compromised. While no security measures will provide for absolute security, all Merkle employees responsible for the management of information have the responsibility to adhere to Merkle’s documented security controls, which are developed commensurate with the understood risk.

Website Privacy
Visitors to Merkle’s website may be given the opportunity to receive information about Merkle’s products and services by becoming registered users. When a visitor registers with us, the visitor provides certain information in order to receive marketing literature, white papers and newsletters from Merkle. Online visitor preferences are respected through the use of opt-in and opt-out processes.

For visitors to Merkle’s web site who are interested in working for us, Merkle collects the personal information that you provide when applying for open positions through our online career center. You may receive additional information from Merkle regarding your application at the address you provide.

We do not use any of the personal information you provide to Merkle to request information about Merkle’s products and services as part of your application for employment or for any other purpose. We do not sell or rent such information.

Merkle is committed to the issue of consumer privacy and has created a Security Governance Council (Council) led by executive management. The vision of the Council is to advance thoughts, ideas and capabilities around the use and security of information at Merkle.

The Council proactively engages in advocacy, compliance and emerging trends in information security and privacy. The Council oversees and supervises the implementation of all Merkle security and privacy policies.

Changes to This Privacy Policy
We may make changes to this Privacy Policy on occasion. We will post any revised versions of this Privacy Policy on the Merkle website. Please review this Privacy Policy periodically in order to ascertain whether any changes have been made.

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