Mar 2014

Connected CRM and Customer Value Optimization Separates Leaders from Laggards

In this paper, Merkle’s Troy Ihlanfeldt, Associate Partner, Insurance & Wealth Management, discusses the major factors separating winners from lower-performing companies in the insurance, wealth management and healthcare (IWMHC) industries. These considerations are based on results from a proprietary study conducted with senior industry executives. Insights from this research indicate that companies with more advanced cCRM capabilities report stronger revenue and profit performance.

Sep 2013

Reinventing Medication Adherence in the Digital Age

In this white paper and webinar, authors Kent Groves, PhD, and Croom Lawrence discuss the ongoing lack of patient adherence which is one of the biggest drivers of unnecessary costs in healthcare today. They explore how to utilize mass personalization powered by “Big Data”, plan and execute integrated adherence strategies through paid, earned, owned and shared medias including social media, identify barriers and discover new digital tactics that can create a better customer experience to drive adherence.

Jul 2013

Customer-Centric Transformation :: Report & Results

The Merkle Executive study, shows how organizations drive value using CRM. The result? A gap in CRM success rates between high & low-growth organizations & effective change leadership is a must for success. 

Apr 2013

Healthcare Reform: Big Data, Analytics in Health Insurance

In this white paper, author Shiv Gupta explores the challenges of Healthcare Reform for health insurers, providers and customers.  

Jan 2013

Rules of Engagement #2: Re-engage Your Inactive Email Addresses

Rule #1 discussed the importance of removing inactive email addresses to improve inbox placement rates and ROI. But what about those inactive customers who still want to receive emails? How do you strategically re-engage those who have not shown engagement within the past year? The second part of the series explores several factors to consider when building a re-engagement program. 

Jan 2013

In Pursuit of Patient Adherence

Given the financial and health implications of non-adherence, the pursuit of greater levels of patient adherence is in the best interests of both the commercial and clinical sides of the healthcare industry. This paper presents some of the definitions and elements worthy of consideration, while providing options for a brand marketer to consider as they look to increase levels of adherence.

Dec 2012

Connected CRM: Digital Marketing Value Creation

Around the industry, digital marketers extol the benefits of Big Data, audience buying, data management platforms (DMP), and real-time bidding. We’ve come a long way. So, are we there yet? The unequivocal answer is no. Most of the ingredients are in place, but the traditional agency model must change in order to expertly wield this toolset.

Nov 2012

Display Testing

Marketing return on investment (ROI) is a critical input to determine optimal spend levels across the marketing mix. However ROI, is notoriously difficult to measure, especially in emerging media like display advertising. This point-of-view paper explores the two major types of display test designs to help marketers determine the best approach for their campaigns.

Nov 2012

Building CRM BRIC by BRIC: Successful CRM Strategies in the BRIC Markets

Global marketing has been a key initiative for decades, and in recent years, there has been an increased focus by U.S. companies on creating a single customer relationship marketing (CRM) strategy to drive growth across the globe. Download this paper to explore how top organizations are pushing CRM best practices into international markets, especially in the high-growth markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China, aka, the BRIC markets.
Nov 2012

Customer Strategy as a Business Strategy in Specialty Retail

In the age of digital, it’s not just our media and channels that have changed, consumers themselves have changed. They have many more options for interaction than ever before and now control and choose which marketing messages they wish to receive, when they wish to interact, and through which media they prefer the conversation to occur. Download this point of view paper to read more about how the specialty retail industry is changing and how specialty retailers can succeed in a customer-driven market.